• What can a 20 year old do about climate change?

    I believe that because I am still young, I can see the world without thinking of profits and business deals. I see the world through the eyes of a nature lover and a human who does not want her own home to be destroyed. I am a firm believer in minimal consumption of resources and maximum efficiency in every task I accomplish.


    I have been given the opportunity to witness nature in different parts of the world every day of my life. I wholeheartedly believe that it is my duty as a citizen of this planet to give back.


    Humans, according to the EPA, are the number one cause of climate change. Although we are currently a part of a mass extinction period, there is still hope for our planet. But how? According to my research and studies, the one way we can reduce climate change is by reducing our own consumption levels. Think about it! By reducing how much we consume, we will release a cascade of positive changes that will help our environment.

  • My Timeline

    Born (1996)

    Bhopal, India

    I was born in India and spent the first few years of my life in Mumbai. I learned cultural and traditional values, and began building my knowledge foundation.

    Appreciated the environment (2003)

    Gaborone, Bostwana (Africa)

    As a child, I had the opportunity to live in Botswana. I interacted with nature on a daily basis- whether it was going on safaris in South Africa or going on helicopter rides to see the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe/Zambia, it was then when I began to value the importance of nature.

    Became aware of the consequences of air pollution (2006)

    Los Angeles, California

    Witnessing the sea of cars stuck in traffic and the fumes given off by industrial buildings made me realize that there might be a problem. Sure, to learn about air pollution in textbooks is one thing but to reflect about it based on firsthand experience is another.

    Learned the value of nature (2012)

    Brussels, Belgium

    Moving to Brussels, Belgium was a life-changing experience for me. Despite being a big city, Brussels kept its nature intact. I began to develop a passion for ecology, environmental science, and the environment as a whole.

    Became an environmentalist (2014-today)

    South Hadley, Massachusetts

    I chose to study Biology and Environmental Studies in college with a concentration in policy because I knew I needed to understand the science and facts. Mount Holyoke College has given me the necessary foundation and resources to grasp the underlying concepts.

  • My resume

    You can see my resume here!


    I work at MHC's Health Center

    With Karen Jacobus, Health Education Coordinator, Mount Holyoke College

    I've been working at Mount Holyoke's Health Center since January 2015. I produce educational materials such as posters, flyers, and brochures for MHC students and also spread health awareness through social media platforms.

    I edited/formatted a policy report.

    With Eve Vogel, Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    The report can be found here. In 2016 I worked with Professor Vogel in making sure everything on the policy report was formatted properly. I used Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to format this report.

    I love studying water!

    Stony Brook, Mount Holyoke College

    Whether it's analyzing turbidity levels or just identifying semi-aquatic species, I enjoy working with water. It is ultimately my goal to investigate toxins in water, especially in developing countries such as India. Pictured above is myself collecting water samples from a fast-moving stream at Mount Holyoke College. (The drought of 2016's impact can be seen here- typically, the stream is significantly deeper than shown here).

    I'm an award winning MUN delegate

    Mount Holyoke College Model United Nations

    I've competed at numerous collegiate-level conferences as a delegate representing Mount Holyoke College. I've won several awards at conferences at Yale University (pictured above), New York University, Columbia University, and Princeton University.

    I'm studying the effects of the drought of 2016 on water nutrient content

    Department of Environmental Studies, Mount Holyoke College

    For my senior project, I'm analyzing data on nutrient content in water samples in MHC's Upper Lake (pictured above), Lower Lake, and Stony Brook. I'm comparing this analysis with previous years' water quality data and hope to see an association.

    I spent a semester writing policy recommendations about the Kaveri River Dispute

    Political Ecology, Mount Holyoke College

    I investigated the narratives, ideologies, the main actors, and power relations in the Kaveri River dispute between the Indian states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. I offered my own set of policy recommendations, which included strict quantity flow amount and speed regulation and potentially creating a set of smaller dams to help monitor and control water flow.

    I'm the Class of 2018 President

    Mount Holyoke College Class Board

    I was elected to serve as the President of my class. My duties include organizing and publicizing events for up to 2,500 students, promoting community bonds, and ensuring that every voice is heard on campus. I'm currently working with the rest of the board to produce a two-hour play which will take place in February.

    I made a video that helped save thousands of gallons of water

    Pangy Day 2014, Mount Holyoke College

    I gathered data with three friends about water statistics at my college. We were shocked to see the numbers- 90,000 gallons a day seemed really high for a small group of college kids! I compiled the data and made a video about shower stats. The students and faculty at Mount Holyoke took action and pledged to take shorter showers.

  • Climate Change is Real

    And something needs to be done. Today.